Pay Attention. Always Learn.

By: Matt Razey Always pay attention and you will always learn something. I love learning something new and I love fishing in places I have never been. Fishing free is a whole different kind of fishing and by doing something you’ve never done before on a place you never been almost forces you to do […]

Why you should go when it blows

By: Matt Razey We all can dream of the “perfect” day of fishing from a weather standpoint can’t we? The day when making long runs are smooth and the wind makes the presentation of any bait in our boat easy and even if the fishing is bad we can look up at the sun shining down […]

…It’s The People That Matter

By: Matt Razey There are so many things that make this sport of bass fishing the greatest thing in the world. The challenge of going out and catching them no matter what the conditions, changing and adapting throughout the day, figuring out the puzzle, the anticipation of heading out for a day on the lake, landing […]

Pre-Spawn Dynamics

Being bass fishermen in New England, we’ve had to face a few facts over the course of our early careers as anglers. We know that a five pounder means a lot more out on the Concord River than it does on Falcon Lake. We laugh when we constantly read about creek channels in Bassmaster Magazine […]

The Working Man’s Game

by Marc Shea, Founder       For many of us, both recreational and tournament fishing can be a struggle to blend into our every day lives. In a perfect world, we would all live lakeside with covered boat slips. The ideal angler lifestyle would allow us to generate a partial or livable income by […]