Old Boats and Difficult Decisions

     As I sit down to write this morning, the excitement on Lake Martin and the dawn of the 2018 Elite Series has the Freak Finder team ripe with aspirations. I am especially hopeful for this year because I have finally resolved an issue that has kept me off the water for the past […]

Goin’ Tubin’

Goin’ Tubin’ Throwing a tube for Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass Matthew Razey | Freak Finder Fishing The soft plastic tube bait has been around the bass fishing community for years. The tube originally got its glory back in the “Tender Tube” days and then with the rise in popularity of the “Gitzit” for Smallmouth addicts. […]

5 Go-To Areas for Summertime Bass Fishing

5 “Go-To” Areas for Summertime Bass Fishing Matt Razey | Freak Finder Fishing Summertime. A time when boat traffic is at its highest. A time when the water temps are climbing. A time that frustrates many anglers. I am referring to the dreaded “dog days” of summer. So many anglers dislike this time of year […]

10 Biggest Mistakes “Myths” in Bass Fishing

Top 10 Biggest Mistakes “Myths” in Bass Fishing Matt Razey | Freak Finder Fishing I have done quite a few seminars over the last few years for sponsors as well as for Freak Finder Fishing and I always get some great questions during seminars and afterwards during Q&A. A lot of questions I get from […]

Moonlighting With a Flippin’ Jig for Largemouth Bass

Moonlighting With a Flippin’ Jig for Largemouth Bass Matt Razey, Freak Finder Fishing Get Your Jim Lovell On Standard practice says you have to go off-shore and deep for summertime bass. Much like many other things, sometimes going against the grain yields positive results. There are always fish shallow throughout the year; the issue is […]

Dropshot Tweaks for Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass

Try these simple techniques for taking bass on a dropshot rig all season long. By Matt Razey, Freak Finder Fishing Boston Celtics great John “Hondo” Havlicek once said: “Whether I start or come off the bench makes no difference to me. My game has always been to go as hard as I can as long […]

The Cool Kids at the Party

By: Matt Razey We have all been subjected to falling into “fads” at one point in our lives. Most of the the time it came while we were growing up and finding our place in the world and social circles. Sometimes it was fashion; which I am sure we can all say we’ve made some […]

Pay Attention. Always Learn.

By: Matt Razey Always pay attention and you will always learn something. I love learning something new and I love fishing in places I have never been. Fishing free is a whole different kind of fishing and by doing something you’ve never done before on a place you never been almost forces you to do […]

Why you should go when it blows

By: Matt Razey We all can dream of the “perfect” day of fishing from a weather standpoint can’t we? The day when making long runs are smooth and the wind makes the presentation of any bait in our boat easy and even if the fishing is bad we can look up at the sun shining down […]